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Blessed Chika – Eze Ndi Eze (king of kings)

by Francis Ebere

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Here's a song by the Nigerian Christian music minister and fast-rising praise worship leader “Blessed Chika” whose song has been a blessing to live. The song is titled “Eze Ndi Eze (king of kings)“.

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This single debut titled Eze Ndi Eze is song inspired by the holyspirit, and specially curated to Celebrate God's Supremacy, kingship and Sovereignty. He said during this inspiration ” Celebrate me”. So I enjoin you to join me celebrate the king of kings, the king above all the nations, The Ruler and the controller of the Universe. Glory to the King of Kings.

Lyrics: Eze Ndi Eze (king of kings) by Blessed Chika

You are the king in heaven and the earth
You reign (3×)
You are the God above all the earth
You Rule (3×)
Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the end
Odighi onye dika gi,
(There's no one like you)
At your voice, the whole world tremble
Igwe Igwe onyeoma
( King,king, good God)

Eze Ndi Eze (3×)
(King of Kings)
(Good God)
Eze Ndi Eze (3×)

You are greater than the greatest
Higher than the highest
Wiser than the Wisest
Bigger than the Biggest
You ‘re stronger than the strongest
Maker of all things
The most supreme king Iye!

All kings bow at the name of Jesus
Most Reigning king we bow before you

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