Tim Godfrey – Worship Chant [Mp3, Lyrics & Video]

by King David
Tim Godfrey Worship Chant

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The well-known anointed God chaser, inspiring and innovative music director, is a multiple award-winning music maestro of international repute who is also the founder and owner of the record label Rox Nation and also the Founder of Xtreme Crew Tim Godfrey brings to us a powerful praise worship song titled “Worship Chant”. Stay blessed as you listen.

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  • Released: 2022
  • Song Duration: 03:19

Download, stream, and share the powerful Mp3 audio of this uplifting song with your friends and family. Let the blessings overflow as you spread the goodness and joy it brings. Allow its melodious tunes and heartfelt lyrics to inspire and comfort those in need. Join hands in creating a chain of blessings by introducing others to this beautiful piece of music. Make a difference in someone's day by brightening it and strengthening their spirit.


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The song “Worship Chant.” is a melody and tune that was written due to inspiration by the Holy Ghost, as this song was made to bless lives and build your faith in Christ the Lord. The beautiful lyrics, vocals, energy, and inspirations used in birthing this song will thrill you.

Song Lyrics: Worship Chant by

Merciful father
Your reckless love upon me
Is indescribable

Aga ma ko r'ole k'obu ru ole
Owe ri na bo
Aiyin ga ja ya ja
Agba n wa gba nwe
Ome mma
Ome ka si ome ka si
Chi na cha ra m'oku
Chi ne bu li me Lu
Chi di Ebube
Ebube ni mi Ebube
Ebube m be ku m be

Okorobia di nma
Okorobia nwere obioma
Ina ga ha ri ne mme mma
Ina ga ha ri na gw'oria

Anywhere he went, Anywhere he goes
Even right now, Even right here

He's Doing wonders, Doing miracles
Otimbodombo nime obodo
Nnukwu nmawu bata
Obere nmawu agbawa
Kitikiti katakata katakata kitikiti

Itiri ndi nmuo gwo gwo
Tie ha gba gba, Gba gba tiri gba gba
Odogwu na agha
Oke ikuku nuru olugi we dere du

Ya mere aiyin ji e to gi

Eze ndi eze!!
Eze ndi eze n'eze eze!!!

Idi egwu
Idi iku
Idi omimi
Ni me omimi

Si te n'ugwu
Ru e na ndida

Le nu!
Le nu!!
Le kwa nu!!!
Oyiri oku di ka uweyi

Oku na gba zam zam
Idi ike
Idi ocha

We di kwa nso
Ozo pia ta pia ta ne Lu ogu
Chukwu nna Ji ri gi we me ekwensu
Ta Kpu chie onu
Ogba jiri igwe kpo ya toothpick
A kpo ya ofu ugboro
Oza ugboro asa
Who can stand against you?
Who can challenge jehovah?

Onye di ka gi!!
Onye yi diri gi!!!
Onye di ka chukwu
Okwa gi me re nwayi aga tu ri me
Di nwayi isi nkpe
You stick closer than a brother
Obini Igwe ogodo ya na akpu na ala
Who can battle with the lord
The lord strong and mighty
The lord mighty in battle
Olori ihe lori ihe lori enyi

Ya mere aiyin ji e to gi

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