Running To The Light Lyrics – Brandon Lake

by Francis Ebere
running to the light brandon lake

“Running To The Light” is the 4th song from the 2020 released album by Brandon Lake of the Bethel Music worship group. See song lyrics below and stay graced.

You can have my yes with no exception
I’m laying down my right to second-guessing
You can have my yes

I’m giving You my fear of never knowing
Whatever’s coming next I know You’ve got me
You can have my Yes

You’re the lamp, You’re the light
You’re the cloud that guides me
You’re the way, You’re the truth
You’re the life inside me
You conquered my fears
So I leave it all behind
I’m running to the light

I’m giving You my dreams and my ambitions
Your presence is my prize and my provision
I’ll answer when You ask

Oh who could come against if You are for me
‘Cause even in the fire I know You’ve got me
I’m giving You my yes again

Oh, wherever You are
Wherever You wanna go
I’ll follow You

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