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Here’s How God Wants You To Make Money As A Christian

by Francis Ebere
heres how god wants you to make money as a christian

Most Christians out there today find it confusing knowing how GOD wants you to make money and be Rich the right way. We’ll be giving some tips on how you can make money the way GOD wants you to.

Bring in cash and make riches is each of them a piece of God’s arrangement for your thriving. He DOES need you to be rich—that is one of his guarantees. The Make Money God’s Way site is one way that you can use to grab hold of that guarantee.

The one, in particular, that doesn’t need you rich is Satan. He UTTERLY FEARS an affluent Christian that isn’t afraid to announce the name of Jesus Christ.

As a result of this Satan is spreading a lot of lies about cash, with the expectation that you trust them and that you’ll self harm your endeavors to make riches. He is extremely beguiling, and for the most part utilizes misleading statements to plant the seed of uncertainty in your psyche.

Some MYTH YOu May Have Heard About Money

  • Rich individuals are eager, that is the way they got their cash
  • At the point when the holy book discusses thriving, it is alluding to different gifts other than “cash.”
  • All cash has a place with God, and we’re only stewards of it.
  • It is voracious to consider approaches to get more cash so you can have a superior life for your family.
  • God knows future occasions, so on the off chance that you don’t have cash, it was pre-predetermined ahead of time that you were to be poor.
  • God isn’t a gumball machine where you can request more cash and he is committed to let out cash to you.
  • It is difficult to get into paradise in the event that you are affluent
  • In the event that anybody had the right to be affluent, it would have been the missionaries; but then they passed on without money.

Every one of the above explanations has a smidgen of truth in it, and a tad of misrepresentation. As a result of the part that is valid, Satan needs you to trust them. In case you’re confounded, about which part is valid and which is bogus, that is the thing that he needs. Fundamentally, he needs you to compare getting more cash to being shrewd. It is very bladed on his part.

Be that as it may, you are clearly not influenced by his misleading statements, or else you wouldn’t be looking through the web and arriving on this site at the present time.

How Might We Make Your Life More Prosperous?

The motivation behind this site is two-overlay. To start with, to be a signal of light on reality of the Gospel. It is “scriptural” that you can get and have more cash-flow. Since Satan is attempting to misdirect you and make you doubt this site, you’ll see the sacred text sections that state it is OK to have cash and to make riches. You can accept the good book, isn’t that so?

You don’t need to be embarrassed about bringing in cash or having cash when you are conversing with your loved ones. That is the longing of Satan. He plants the seed of jealousy in the hearts of needy individuals so it will develop and squeeze others like you that need to bring in cash.

At the point when that occurs, you’ll put less exertion into doing the things that bring in cash. The outcome: you will be more unfortunate. Also, when you’re less fortunate, your voice (while broadcasting the name of Jesus Christ) gets lessened. Satan wins when you, as a Christian, are embarrassed to get more cash-flow. Cash matters with regards to broadcasting the gospel – Satan realizes that it will generally be valid, isn’t that right?

The second reason for this site is to call attention to the down to earth counsel that comes out of the holy book on the most proficient method to bring in cash. The holy book is loaded with outstanding business guidance. It is so practical, that you would have felt that it originates from the Chamber of Commerce. You won’t be embarrassed to execute the thoughts you’ll discover on this site. Actually, your loved ones will take a gander at you with expanded adoration on account of the astuteness you’ve shown.

For what reason isn’t this instructed in houses of worship?

You’ll presumably never find out about this from the evangelists in places of worship. Why? Since bringing in cash isn’t their purpose in life so how might they realize the most productive techniques to bring in cash? Ministers are called to uncover sin in the lives of unbelievers with the goal that the Holy Spirit can convict them to acknowledge Christ as their Lord and Savior. That is an all-day work for them, and they base their award in paradise by what number of spirits are spared in their holy places.

There is no flaw coordinated toward them for not realizing how to bring in cash. We cheer with them when every spirit has been spared. But since that is their obsession, they don’t have the opportunity to commit to finding the entries in the good book that tell the best way to bring in cash and make riches.

Spare Your Way To Wealth?

By chance, what ideas do Preachers think about cash? That is a decent inquiry. They know how to “set aside cash.” And they are awesome at that. Why? Since most ministers are come up short on, so they need to extend each and every dollar that they do get. They have become experts at stewardship. So when they lecture about cash from the podium, they quite often talk about what they know: being a decent steward. There is nothing amiss with a decent investment funds plan.

You were called to be in excess of a steward however. Consider this… Say you recruited a chief to put away your retirement cash. Toward the year’s end, he returns and gives all of you your cash back. In any case, there is no “increment.” There isn’t even any premium cash. You’d be angry with that steward and would fire him, correct?

You realize this circumstance sounds precisely like the anecdote of the gifts from the book of scriptures, isn’t that so? It is. What’s more, that is the means by which God sees your activity here on earth. You are to bring in cash. It is an order, not a recommendation.

The individual Christian is frequently all alone to discover approaches to bring in cash. Be that as it may, there is some uplifting news! This site is here to help you by bringing up the equation that God has recorded in the book of scriptures. The holy book is the guide; this site is only the amplifying glass to assist you with perusing the fine print and to assist you with arranging this guide to this present reality around you. Figuring out how to bring in cash is simpler when you have a manual for give you how it is finished.

Notice “simpler,” not “simple.” You’ll not discover a get-rich-short-term conspire here. It doesn’t work that way. Getting rich short-term ordinarily includes a great deal of pre-work ahead of time. It resembles a rancher that plants his harvests and waters them throughout the entire summer. On reap day, he is affluent; yet before that, it was a ton of difficult work. The rancher’s activity is simpler in the event that he has a guide disclosing to him when is the best an ideal opportunity to plant the seeds when to put on the manure, and how much water to include. That is the motivation behind this site. It can offer you the guidance that will assist you with bringing in cash simpler.


I hope that, to an extent, You now understand the clean ways to make money as a Christian and that way God want. Don’t let the devil deceive You.

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