Gift Emmanuel – Help Me Sing To Yaweh (Eze Chimo)

by Francis Ebere
Gift Emmanuel Help Me Sing To Yaweh Eze Chimo

Download Help Me Sing To Yaweh (Eze Chimo) Mp3 by Gift Emmanuel Ft. Courage Uko

Here’s a song by the Nigerian Christian music minister and fast-rising praise worship leader “Gift Emmanuel” whose song has been a blessing to live. The song is titled “Help Me Sing To Yaweh (Eze Chimo)“.


Gift Emmanuel is a multi talented Nigerian singer, song writer, worshipper, pastor, Evangelist, teens coach with the gift of singing different genres all for God’s glory, He is the founder of Gracious Gospel Voices and also the CEO of a registered company called genius enterprise that deals on social media services, E learning, photography, online retail services he has realeased several singles and has appeared on numerous gospel ministration and outreach by the help of God all these could be achieved through the help of God almighty.

Lyrics: Help Me Sing To Yaweh (Eze Chimo) by Gift Emmanuel


Lord you have been good to me
I just want to praise your name
You are the reason why I live
Oh oh lod
I just want to saaaaaaaaay (2×)


Imela Imela okaka (okaka okaka)
Imela Imela okaka
Oh oh lord I just want to say ehh ehh ( 2×)


Your grace is all I see each day
You make way where the seems no way
You brought me out of the Miry Clay
Oh oh lord
And I just want to say
Just want say eeeh


Jesus I’m grateful (grateful lord)
Cause you are faithful ( you are faithful)
You love me so dearly (oh you love me so dearly)2×

Everybody help me sing (call )


Imela Imela okaka (okaka Okaka)
Imela Imela okaka
Oh oh lord I just want to say eeeh


The love you’ve showed on me
The things you’ve done to me
The way you make for me
Oh lord 2×

Response : Agama turugi mma mma (3×)
Mma mma eeeh
Mma mma ehh (6×)
Oh oh lord I just want to saaaay

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