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Esther Oji – Aka Ngozi

by Bammeke Oluwatobi
Esther Oji Aka Ngozi (The Hand of God)

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This is a beautiful song by ““, a talented musician and renowned global vocalist Who is signed to the Record Label. The song is titled “Aka Ngozi (The Hand of God).”, and released in 2023. It's a great song accompanied by a stunning music video and lyrics.

Song Details

Song Title:Aka Ngozi (The Hand of God)
Song Duration:04:34

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The song “Aka Ngozi (The Hand of God).” is a melody and tune that was written due to inspiration by the Holy Ghost, as this song was made to bless lives and build your faith in Christ the Lord.

Song Lyrics: Aka Ngozi (The Hand of God) by

Aka ngozi Jehovah Jidemo
(Let Your hand of Blessing hold me)
Aka ngozi Jehovah, mere mu mma
(Your Hand Jehovah, does me good) (Repeat)

You hold me so tight, I no go fit to fall
You lift me so high, I no dey hear the noise

Aka Jesus a maka (The Hand of Jesus is beautiful)
O n'eme mu tinini tinini (It gives me much joy)
Your love is sweet, sweeter than honey (Repeat)

I cannot replace You
I don't wanna miss You
‘Cause You are my everything, everything, everything

Aka ngozi Jehovah Jidemo (Let Your hand of Blessing hold me)
Jidemo, O n'mere mumma (Hold me, You do me good) (Repeat)

O n'mere mumma (You do me good)
Iya, iya, iya x3 Iya, eh (Repeat)

I said surely, surely (surely)
Na Your goodness and mercy, dey follow me
Follow, follow me O (Repeat)

No be my power
No be my sense
Na Jehovah hold me well
And e no go let me fall (Repeat)

O n'mere mumma (You do me good)
Iya, iya, iya x3 Iya, eh (Repeat)

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