How To Post Your Gospel Content Correctly For Free.

How To Post Your Gospel Content Correctly For Free.

Posting an article, music, or video content can be a little bit confusing, But here’s a short tutorial and write-up on a step-by-step guide on how you can post your content correctly and get it approved in 2 hours.

1. Title

Firstly, We’d begin with the Post TITLE which is very important. Your post title has to be in a format {Artist name – Song title}, You’d notice that the Artist name comes first, followed by a hyphen before the song title. See an Example below;

screenshot evergospel com 2021 09 21 15 23 05

2. Category

Choosing a category for your content is an important and required part of the process also. All you need to do is to click on the drop-down link and choose the correct category that suits your content. If by any chance, that the category for your content is not available, Use the ALL GOSPEL category. See an Example below;

Categories 2


The most important and most required part of the post process is writing and filling the Content Description field correctly and in the correct steps which is (BIO, DOWNLOAD LINK, Video (Optional) and Song LYRICS, if applicable). The text field can be expandable by dragging the triangular icon at the bottom right corner of the Text Field.

  • First-paragraph should start with a short note about the song, and what the song is all about.
  • Second-paragraph should be a short bio about the artist or performer of the song.
  • Third-paragraph should be the download link of the song (The link gotten from your favourite file-sharing website or cloud platform e.g Google DriveDropBoxMediaFireZippyShareJumpShareMega4SharedGBFile etc.).

Check out an Example Post using the link below;


After a correct Description, the next step is to input your Download URL, and Yes, the one you got from your favorite File Sharing Website (Host). It’s an optional field, but it’s also very important so users can easily access your Download Link and get your file on their device. See example below;

Download Link 1

5. Featured Image

As the saying goes, A PICTURE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORD, Hence, Every Article, Post, Song and content should have a featured Image which is sometimes called6. Cover Photo.
You can do this by clicking on the UPLOAD FEATURED IMAGE button, and selecting an image file from your device not more than 1000 x 1000 pixels (width and height). See Sample Below;

featured image upload

6. Excerpt

An Except is simply a short note about your song and what you would like to see on a Search Engine. It is optional, Leave it blank if there’s none available.


To get your post approved within 2 hours or less, You need to make sure all fields are filled correctly. By clicking SUBMIT you agree to our terms of service. Once all is done correctly, Let us handle the promotion.

Thank You…