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Mr M & Revelation – Worship Alter (Ancient Songs) [Mp3 Download & Lyrics]

by King David
Mr M Revelation Worship Alter Ancient Songs

Worship Alter (Ancient Songs) Mp3 Download by

Experience the soulful sounds from the renowned great and anointed singers with several hit songs “Mr M & Revelation“. This is a song titled “Worship Alter (Ancient Songs)”, a classic composition accompanied by a stunning music video. Stay blessed as you listen.

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Download, stream, and share the powerful Mp3 audio of this uplifting song with your friends and family. Let the blessings overflow as you spread the goodness and joy it brings. Allow its melodious tunes and heartfelt lyrics to inspire and comfort those in need. Join hands in creating a chain of blessings by introducing others to this beautiful piece of music. Make a difference in someone's day by brightening it and strengthening their spirit.


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The song “Worship Alter (Ancient Songs).” is a melody and tune that was written due to inspiration by the Holy Ghost, as this song was made to bless lives and build your faith in Christ the Lord. The beautiful lyrics, vocals, energy, and inspirations used in birthing this song will thrill you.

Song Lyrics: Worship Alter (Ancient Songs) by

idi ebube

idi omimi
idikwa itu'naya
ikariri echiche nmadu
odighi onye dika gi
(repeat + adlips)

Jehovah idi nma
idi nma, idi nma oh oh oh
idiri obim nma
(repeat + adlips)

eligwe na ako nsopuru gi chukwu (4x)
olu aka gi ka mbara igwe na egosi

(repeat + adlips)

na etiti ihe ishi Ike
ka Ina egosi onwe gi
odigi onye dika gi
izuoke na eziaa

(repeat + adlips)

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